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We all know what an idea is but the main question that arises after one has discovered an invention is how to patent an idea. You all have heard of news about people suing each other over the right on an invention or an idea. One party can claim that they did the hard work for a specific invention and even present hard evidences of how the invention progressed, all thanks to their brilliant mind.

However, no matter how solid their argument may be, if the other party is able to present a patent over that invention, then the other party will have the right over the production and selling of that invention. This scenario clearly states that no matter how small your invention may be, it is of utmost importance that you have it patented under your name as soon as possible to avoid it being stolen.

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You might think that you have made a brilliant discovery and it is onto something really great. However, what you might forget to consider is that someone from another part of the world had also stumbled upon that idea before you.

Hence, you need to make sure first that your invention or idea has not yet been patented by anyone, or else, you would be wasting time, money and effort in having in submitting your application only to be declined because it is found later on by the licensing body that your invention is not the original one.

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